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Join us for your child's next birthday party!  Kidcasso Art Studio books bithday parties for children ages 5 and up.  Our goal and mission is to create an artful celebration for your family and friends, while leaving without a headache!!

How to book:

To set up your child's birthday party Kidcasso style, please click the below link to access our birthday options and to reserve your appointment.

Click Here for Birthday Party bookings


What makes a Kidcasso Birthday artmazing!!:

We take pride in a fine arts education based experience at Kidcasso.  Our classes as well as our parties stay true to an artists philosophy of “process over product”.  We ensure you that our themes and projects are tangible for all of your guests to be successful and proud of the work that they created, but most of all we want them to have fun!  Your Kidcasso host and teacher will give step by step instructions and one on one time with each party guest.  

Themes to choose from:

Theme #1

Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers

Kidcasso Birthday party guests will be transported to the countryside of France where famed painter, Vincent van Gogh lived and worked as one of the world’s most influential painters.  Guests will work from an artist’s still life of sunflowers to create their own sunflower masterpiece on canvas!

Theme #2

Andy Warhol Letter POP!

Pop on into Kidcasso Art Studio for your child’s next birthday party!  Guests will gather inspiration from American pop artist, Andy Warhol!  Each guest will create a canvas painting inspired by the letter of his or her name.  Students will use paints, collage materials, and glitter to capture their personal style! 

Theme #3

Splash Art with Jackson Pollock!

Kids are a natural when it comes to color mixing, splashing, dripping, and splatering paint!  Choose our Jackson Pollock inspired party and guests will make wild action art inspired by Jackson Pollock.  All guests will work on canvas, have a variety of brushes and tools to create with and will incorporate 3D pieces into their final masterpiece!

All Parties cost $350.00 and here is what is included:

- Red Plastic Table Cloths

- White Plastic Table Cloths

- Large Red Plates

- Small Red Plates

- Napkin and Silverware Wraps tied with twine

- Small Bottles of Water

- Kid-Friendly Snack Bags

- 16 inch Pizzas from Lisa’s in Wakefield (please let us know of any dietary needs)

- Kidcasso Birthday Party Swag Bags

- All art supplies

- Full access to studio

- All you provide is the dessert


Project set up and materials for 10 guests, each additional guest will be a $10 charge.  The party cannot exceed 20 guests