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Welcome to Kidcasso Art Studio

Kidcasso is an art studio designed for students from ages 6 months-18 years to study, explore, and create original works of art. Students will be engaged in a variety of artistic activities that will encourage team building skills, communication skills and self-awareness skills, along with building upon the National Art Education Standards. Students will be immersed in painting, drawing, sculpture, and a multitude of other art forms.

In additions to our open ended classes, we offer birthday parties, private instruction, pizza party nights, girl/boy scout troop events and anything else you can create!

Enroll for classes by clicking here 
Then follow 3 simple steps:

1) Create a profile and login for each of your children(instructions to do so if this is your first time are listed at the bottom of this page).  If you have already done so, please skip this step.  

2) Under each profile visit us on our 2017-2018 School Year tab to identify the perfect class for your child and when ready, click on "Enroll As Unpaid." This will reserve your child's spot temporarily until the next step is completed.

3) Copy and paste the following link:

to enroll into our monthly auto payment contract.

Or for help of any kind, please contact us at

Enroll for classes and events at our Mindbody Page, click here.
Enroll for classes and events at our Mindbody Page, click here.